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DaisiesFloral International can offer you several advantages. You will notice the freshness and increased longevity of the products that you receive from us, since WE DO NOT ROTATE THE PRODUCT. WE HAVE NO BOX CHARGE , so you will find that our prices are quite competitive with those of the Miami market. F.I. offers a wide variety of flowers that are all shipped from our farms in South America directly to Miami. We clear the flowers through U.S. customs and plant quarantine and deliver them to a truck or airline or shipping company of your choice.


Buying direct is that simple! The only thing that you need to do is change your buying habits a bit, as you will have to place your order about 3 – 4 days before your shipment departs from Miami. This gives Floral International enough time to order the product from the farms and make sure that it is shipped on time for you.


Wholesale fresh cut flowersFor new international customers, we require that you prepay your shipments by sending a wire transfer to our bank account in the United States. Once payment is confirmed, we will be able to send you the flowers, not before. As time goes by and we develop a business relationship, we may extend credit terms to your company, but in the beginning, prepayment is necessary.




We are an exclusive WHOLESALE CUT FLOWER DEALER. To order from us you need to have a TAX ID NUMBER. Moreover, our minimum order is 1 box of flowers (eg 1 box of Black Magic Roses, 1 box of Freedom Roses , 1 box of carnations etc.). For shipping, airport-to-airport to any destination outside the United States, the airlines require a minimum of 200 lbs per shipment, which is about 12 boxes. So your minimum order for airport-to-airport shipping is 12 boxes. Within the United States, commercial airlines require a minimum of 100 lbs per shipment (approximately 6 boxes of flowers) for airport-to-airport shipping. Anything that falls under these weight requirements is shipped via FEDEX (for the United States and other destinations).

Please let us know if you need freight information from Colombia and Ecuador or if you already have a freight forwarder here to give you the info.



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Contact us and fill all your flower needs.


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