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How are Floral International and Wholesale-Flowers.net different?

We have over 25 combined years of experience in the International Flower Market. All our flowers are shipped directly from the farms in Colombia and Ecuador to our customers; we have effectively cut out the middle man. This way you have fresher, healthier cut flowers at lower prices.

Do you sell retail and wholesale?

Floral International is exclusively a WHOLESALE CUT FLOWER DEALER. To order from us you need to have a TAX ID # and license.


What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is 1 box of flowers (eg 1 box of Black Magic roses, 1 box of carnations etc.). Please go to the section on 'how to order' for more details.


Please explain the price list to me.

The price lists we have provided on this Website are for standing orders. In other words, the prices are for those clients that open an account with us and order from us on a regular basis. If you would like to order flowers from us one time or rarely, please contact us for a different price list.


What is the advantage of opening an account with you?

When you order from us regularly and open an account, our prices do not vary during the year. There are peaks in the flower season -- St. Valentine's, Mother's Day etc. We do not change our prices during the flower high season.



Why do some flower companies not charge shipping?

There's no such thing as "free shipping." They cover their costs in other areas. We believe it's only fair that we charge shipping according to the final destination. This keeps our base flower prices low and our customers happy.


How do you ship the flowers?

For orders within the United States 100 lbs and over (approximately 6 boxes), we ship airport to airport on commercial airlines. International orders over 200 lbs (approximately 12 boxes) are also shipped airport-to-airport on commercial airlines. Anything that falls under the aforementioned weight requirements is shipped via FEDEX.


How can I pay?

You need to pre-pay your order by wiring money to our account in the United States. Once confirmation of payment is received from our bank, we begin to process your order. When we establish business ties, we can begin to work out different payment plans, but for the initial orders, you must pre-pay everything.


How many stems are in a bunch?

The specifications of how the flowers are packed and number of stems in the bunch are included in our Farm and Miami pricelists.

When should I place my order?

Because we ship directly from farms, your order is not harvested until we call our farms. We need at least 5 days notice to harvest and ship your flowers to your final destination.

What color roses do you have available?

We have a very large variety of roses available. Go to our price list to choose from our catalog of products. If, for some reason, we don't have what you're looking for, we will find it for you.

How can I be sure my flowers will arrive fresh?

Your flowers are shipped within 48 hours of harvesting them. This, again, is the advantage of shipping direct from our farms to your business. Moreover, our shipping standards are well above the industry's standards. Our customers expect the freshest flowers on the market, and we do everything possible to insure this. Because all our flowers are shipped directly from our farms, we guarantee high quality control and packing processes. If you have any questions about our shipping procedures please feel free to call us.

Do you ship to other countries besides the United States?

We ship flowers all around the world, from Europe and Asia to Australia and North America.


How do flowers remain hydrated during shipping?

In the cut-flower industry, flowers are not shipped with water. Before shipping, all flowers have been conditioned and hydrated with a special process that keeps water inside the stem. They are then placed in special coolers with humidifying systems to keep them as moist and cold as possible.


How do I take care of the flowers when they arrive?

Please refer to our section on 'taking care of your cut flowers' for detailed information.



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