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Colombian Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums from ColombiaBlue, orange, yellow, purple, red ... Wholesale-Flowers.net and Floral international offer a rainbow of fresh cut, wholesale Chrysanthemums (Colombian pompons), beautiful flowers from Colombia, directly from the farm to you. After receiving a box of these, you can't help but look for that pot of gold!

This is a list of some of our Chrysanthemum varieties:

Biarritz Novelty White - Pink Regular
Biarritz Yellow Novelty Yellow - Red Thanksgiving
Bradford Novelty Red Thanksgiving - Christmas
Brisa Dot White Regular
Cantata Daisy Pink Regular
Cocarde Daisy Bronze Thanksgiving
Crimson Naru Cushion Red Thanksgiving
Decima Novelty White Regular
Elite Orange Daisy Bronze Thanksgiving
Elite Pink Daisy Pink Regular
Elite White Daisy White Regular
Elite Yellow Daisy Yellow Regular
Fall Cushion Bronze Regular
Falma Cushion Bronze Thanksgiving
Firebrand Cushion Bronze Thanksgiving
Firenze Daisy Purple Regular
Gallant Cushion Pink Regular
Hastings Novelty White - Pink Regular
Improved Mundial Novelty Pink Regular
Madera Cushion Bronze Thanksgiving
Moda Dot Yellow Regular
Omaha Novelty Red Thanksgiving - Christmas
Orinoco Daisy White - Pink Regular
Orinoco Yellow Daisy Yellow - Red Thanksgiving
Piranga Red Cushion Red Thanksgiving
Polaris Cushion White Regular
Puma Novelty White Regular
Reagan Ivory Daisy Pink Regular
Reagan Rosy Daisy Pink Regular
Reagan Splendy Dark Daisy Purple Regular
Reballet Novelty Bronze Thanksgiving
Rebasco Daisy Red Thanksgiving - Christmas
Regatta Novelty Yellow Regular
Rendez vous Cushion White - Pink Regular
Rendugold Cushion Yellow - Bronze Thanksgiving
Renella Novelty Purple Regular
Royal Mundial Novelty Purple Regular
Ryflash Daisy Red Thanksgiving - Christmas
Sharp Dot White Regular
Starburst Novelty White Christmas
Vennere Cushion Purple Regular
Vero Daisy White Regular
Volare Daisy Pink Regular
Yellow Polaris Cushion Yellow Regular
Yellow Puma Novelty Yellow Regular
Yellow Vero Daisy Yellow Regular
Yoko Onno Dot Green Regular
Arena Novelty White Regular
Coral Fiction Daisy Bicolor Thanksgiving
Euro Sunny  Cushion Yellow Regular
Monalisa Cushion White Regular
Monalisa Cushion Pink Regular
Redock Orange Daisy Orange Thanksgiving
Relinda Novelty White Regular
Bernardo Santini Pink Regular
Breeze Santini Red - Yellow Regular
Creta Santini Purple Regular
Funny Santini White Regular
Hilario Santini Orange Thanksgiving
Lupo Santini Yellow Thanksgiving
Malco Santini Purple Regular
Restone Yellow Santini Yellow Regular
Sabas Santini Dark Pink Regular
Scarley Santini Burgandy Thanksgiving
Vyking Santini Yellow Regular
Vyking Orange Santini Orange Thanksgiving
Yuri Santini Dark pink Regular
Anastasia Spider White Regular
Anastasia Spider Pink Regular
Apricot Sheena Spider Bronze Thanksgiving
Date  Spider  Pink  Regular
Delistar Spider White Regular
Delistar Yellow Spider Yellow Regular
Detroit News Mum Bronze Thanksgiving
Mood Spider Orange Thanksgiving
Naru Disbud Dark Pink Regular
Revert Spider Green Regular
Rover Daisy Red Thanksgiving
Tanya Spider Orange Thanksgiving
Bronze Eleonora Cremons Bronze Thanksgiving
Dark Pink Eleonora Cremons Dark Pink Regular
Pink Eleonora Cremons Pink Regular
Snow Eleonora Cremons White Regular
Yellow Eleonora Cremons Yellow Regular
Naru Disbud Dark Pink Regular
Regatta Disbud Yellow Regular
Resolute Disbud White Regular
Resouci Disbud Orange Thanksgiving
Revert Disbud Green Regular
Shamrock Disbud Green Regular





Contact us and we will fill all your flower needs with one e.mail. We ship our flowers to Miami, clear them through US customs then ship them to you. NO ROTATION, NO STORAGE. Or, we can ship them anywhere in the world. Just tell us where!!




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Pereira, Colombia

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